by Axe Ripper

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    "Hell is Real" is Axe Ripper's sophomore release released on Hell City Records and we're putting it up for FREE STREAMING on this page! This album was released on 08/23/2014. The physical copy of this album comes shrink wrapped and is a digipak format with a 3 page booklet. This album is available under "threads"on the top of this page along with shirts and earlier releases!

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Kenny - Vocals
Kyle - Guitar / Vocals
George - Guitar/ Vocals
Rob - Bass/ Vocals
Louie - Drums / Vocals


released August 23, 2014

Recorded by Chris Trestain
Mastered by Brad Fischer
Produced by Axe Ripper and Chris Trestain



all rights reserved


Axe Ripper Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Unfinished Business
A pool of blood and lead are all that's left
All that remains of what I love
Helpless and innocent as they were picked off
One by one, I swear that they'll never escape my...

Wrath, brought on by grief and betrayal
A savage hatred, devil-sent
You took the only thing I had to live for
This unjust act won't go unavenged

I won't finish 'til you're gone

A slug reserved for every hired gun
Serrated blades for their bloodstained skin
Destined for a fate so merciless
Retribution served with a maniacal grin

Just a footstep away
From grabbing you with my cold dead hands
And ripping your worthless heart out
An ending you'll have no time to regret

You're running out of options
Nowhere to run, no place to hide
Frozen in dismay
As the razor's edge grazes your neck

I won't finish 'til you're gone
The hunt will persevere from dusk 'til dawn
Track Name: Art of Misery
I am the embodiment of everything that I despise

Observing the wreckage that's consumed my life
And turned it into a daily walk of shame
Jetting forward, my morale won't catch up
Left in the dust, never to be seen again

Sacrificed my passion for a life
That slowly feeds upon my anguish
Leaving me with a goal to drag myself
And everyone else around me into a pit of agony

Look at all the people living with contentment
The one thing that I'm missing and it makes me sick
Traded peace of mind for false redemption
Regression, depression, thrive in negativity

A career in spreading hatred and sorrow
Towards victims of my jealousy
Use them as my canvas
For my latest masterpiece

Paint them red and black, paint them a dark gray
Paint them bleak and grim with every word that I say
Paint them all the color of my routine disarray
I'm steadily perfecting the art of misery

A social poison
Vigorously flowing through my veins
And I don't need a cure
I'll spread it like the plague

Take them down a peg or two
With a brush blood red with resentment
Chisel their stature into one that fits my own
United by my infestation of affliction

Add about five coats of sorrow
Bitterness from my palette of ego
Every victim my work of art
On display wherever they travel

Gloomy museums
Blackened and tainted and falling down
Dead grass and cracked
Sidewalks stained with blood, sweat and tears

There's only one
Finishing touch left to add now
I'll open my flesh
And leave my final mark on this world
Track Name: Fucking Freak
I've got a problem and it gets in my way
Of making new friends every single day
The people in my head that tell me to shut up
Took the day off, just my fucking luck

My mouth is a weapon
Of mass self-confidence destruction
All the innocent bystanders
Retaliate with their ruthless slander

My urges and desires aren't easy to suppress
They fucked up my day and now I lay here depressed
Dwelling on the fact that I've fucked my reputation
I face another night of endless castigation

I'm a fucking freak, a rotten creep
It haunts me every day to the point I can't sleep
Anxiety gets the best of me
I'm a fuck up from the start, guess that's how it must be

I'm a fucking freak, six feet deep
It's where I belong I could just take that leap
If you could see what's inside of me
It wouldn't even matter 'cause that's how it's gonna be
For eternity

I said some things, I did some shit
Decisions made on impulse that I really couldn't quit
I never was the best at making first impressions
But nothing ever changes, haven't learned enough lessons

My mouth digs ever-gaping holes
Every action, every word certainly takes a toll
Friendly looks morph to stares of disgust
Relationships to ashes and trust to dust

Dig myself deeper, this pit is getting steeper
The cost to get myself out of this miss ain't getting any cheaper
I need to jump ship, I need to fucking dip
Out of this state of mind that's caused my consciousness to slip
Track Name: Washer Full of Needles
Greasy skin, rat nest hair
Waste their life 'cause they don't care
Burned down house on Tooley Road
Innocence down the commode

Watch them fall and lose track
Get knocked up while high on smack
Teenage boredom has prevailed
Apathetic parents have failed

Washer full of needles
Filled to the brim
Chance of survival
Far beyond slim

Comatose, nude in heaps
Digging graves miles deep
Caked coat hangers, bloodstained hands
Potential life thrown in the garbage can
Track Name: The Struggle
Pry open my eyes, wake up in a cold sweat
Grueling nightmares I endure every time I
Lay in the bed after another fucking day
That I wish I'd never awake

Biting my nails every ass crack of dawn
Ripping my hair out as dusk approaches
Dreading the outside perils that await me
Again and again and again...

Paranoid broken and restless
It seems there is no end
Losing color in my face
As my eyes droop down and darken

Trying to solve my problems
But they all keep crashing down
Trying to mend the unmendable
Every day, week and month and year

Thought I was ready to take on the day
But my ambitions were a lost cause
A 50 mile run with the weight of the world on my back
Garnished with my obligations

Couldn't figure out where to start
So I nailed my ass to the mattress
Threw my cares out the window
Drowned out the rest with a fifth

Fucked up beyond all recognition
Laying in bed, gathering filth
Wasting away as the sky turns black
Inebriated and starving to death

Fucked up beyond all recognition
Slowly awaiting my imminent downfall
Wasting away as the sky turns black
Descending into a downward spiral

The struggle continues day after day
The pain keeps getting stronger
Malnourishment and misery prevail
As my liquor cabinet empties

Dry heaving and urinating blood
As my final hour draws near
Shambling towards the last half gallon
I get on my knees and collapse

Face down on the hardwood floor
And I can't drink anymore
Hourglass, last grain of sand
Touched by the reaper's cold, dead hands
Track Name: Rot Into Eternity
Fucked home life, found a cheaper fix
I think I'm set
Started with a rush, a blissful escape
From the world I hate

You all judge and turn your back
Found a substitute for reality
And now I know
That this is all I have to live for

It's my reason to live
Got nothing to give
Only care for myself
And you'll never change that

Left face down in the streets to rot into eternity
Bought temporary bliss and paid with my mortality
Sprawled all over the asphalt, lying there a casualty
Because I'm left face down in the streets to rot into eternity
A sorry, dead motherfucker

Waiting for it's next victim, overcharge you for my pain
Molding you into my scapegoat for my selfish desires
The light has left your life, your purpose now the same as mine
Corrupted and downtrodden, this hit's your only salvation

The lives that I've ruined are locked up and dead
Six CC's going straight to my head
Blown out every vein and next up my brains
Because I've realized I'm a worthless piece of shit

Tolerance raised so I increased the dose
As the filth flows through I feel the end getting close
Gradually engulfed in a dark tranquility
Accepted the fact I'm a disgrace to humanity

I've fallen into a hole
And my only goal
Is to cave it in
And never see the light again

Apathy has overcome me
As I dig the needle deeper
Heavy eyes and old bloodstains
This illness never ends

Awoke with burn holes in my clothes
And I feel like death
Lying in a pool of vomit
And I'm drenched in a cold sweat

I put myself to the test
Ended up like the rest
Now I lay in a chest
Six feet underground
Track Name: Hell is Real
Broken and bastardized, this world and its inhabitants
Deteriorate as time shows them no mercy
Hope averted and progress laid to rest
The ever-awaiting end seems prolonged for damn near centuries

And life are almost the same
The line between them decays
The soul is gone but the apathy remains

Humanity is lost
Retribution's cost is just too steep
Drowning in distorted bliss
Crawling with the benefits they reap

And surrounded by lies
Losing touch as time flies
Human race's dignity dies

Out of luck
We're all fucked

Dead fields and plains, no chance of rain
Plateaus of anguish, and seas of pain
Robbed of all our innocence
Forever stuck between silence and dissonance

Contaminated beings plagued by their inferiority
Trading their self worth for a false sense of security

There's nothing wrong with this earth
I'll continue to rape the resources
Control, abuse and birth

Blinded by a perceived Eden
There's no chance to make up for this mess
Swayed like a herd of foolish cattle
Choosing to wallow in cess

You can tell yourself you're surrounded by utopia
But Hell is real, it's just outside your front door
Track Name: Elixir of the Dead
Kids sprawled on the floor, the windows are all smashed
Bloodstains on the walls, the witching hour's passed
Gather all the remnants of what caused this mess
Red Bull and 'tussin and every bit of cess

Pour it all inside a filthy devil's chalice
Stir up the concoction with darvocet and xanax
Drink up every drop and feel the evil flow through your veins
The deed is done, your skin begins to glow

Elixir of the dead, so wretched so rank
Elixir of the dead, that which you drank
A diabolical potion, no chaser, no cure
Elixir of the dead, it's anything but pure
It's the motherfucking devil's lean

Your conscience is gone, surrounded by a wreck
A euphoric sensation you did not expect
As it courses through your body you feel pretty dead
A single look at you strikes a feeling of dread

The ecstasy fades, irate
Falling off the deep end, your pupils dilate
Take a look around, nobody's the same
On a mission to get fucked up, you destroyed your brain

Elixir of the dead, so wretched, so rank
Elixir of the dead, that which you drank
A pharmaceutical shitstorm, this prescription is death
Elixir of the dead, no life is left
It's the motherfucking devil's lean
Track Name: Viking Funeral
The light at the end of the tunnel has been busted
The darkness that ensues has engulfed me
The face that could once bear a smile's been wiped clean
A shell of myself is all you can see

No longer the lively person I once was
Slowly shambling towards an escape route
Inconspicuously begging for relief
Could this be what my life's been all about?

Tried to find the reason why I've kept going all these years
My search has finally reached a halt
Traded my failed purpose for this old .45
And freed the devil from it's cranial vault

No words need be spoken as you gaze upon my coil
All life eventually decays
Take all that's left of me
Set my remains ablaze